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KUUSAMO.gg Super Series rules

Qualification #1: Tuesday from 18.00. The TOP 4 teams will qualify for Saturday’s final tournament.
Qualification #2: Thursday from 18.00. The TOP 4 teams will qualify for Saturday’s final tournament.
Final tournament: the final tournament will be played on Saturdays starting at 14.00. Second round at 15.30 and final at 17.00

Matches will be played in a best-of-one format on the FaceIt platform using Faceit anti-cheat. The final of the tournament is the best of three series. The prize pool will be divided between the teams that reach the final:
1st place: 125 €
2nd place: 75 €

The rules are a modified version of the SEUL Tournament Rules. Tournament judges ultimately have the power to
decision-making power in all conflict and sanction situations. The tournament officials reserve all rights to make changes to these rules. If necessary, the tournament referees may suspend the tournament due to a serious technical problem or any other sudden event.

All cheating, including watching the game with the help of another person, is prohibited. If a participant does not know if a mechanic is allowed, they SHOULD ask the head referee before the tournament if the mechanic is allowed or not.

General rules
1.1: Team size: 5 regular players and 1 substitute.
1.2: A team may replace up to two regular players during the tournament.
1.3: One player can only be on one team during a tournament.
1.4: VoIP software is allowed. The tournament organiser can provide a Discord server.
1.5: Any software that modifies game files or gives an unfair advantage in the game is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate removal from the tournament.
1.6: Game names and images
1.6.1: Players must use their official game name throughout the tournament.
1.6.2: Sponsorships that are not related to alcohol, tobacco products, gambling or adult entertainment at the end of the game name are allowed.
1.6.3: Players must use a Steam profile picture that is suitable for posting, preferably a team logo or their own picture. Your Steam account must also be public.
1.7: Players with a CS:GO VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) ban on their account for two years or more will not be allowed to enter or play in the tournament. A player banned from one FaceIt account will not be allowed to enter or play in the tournament. The player’s Steam account must also be public.
1.8: During the game, team players may only communicate with persons related to the game: team players, team coach and tournament officials such as referees.
1.9: Scheduling issues
1.9.1: If a team is not in place and ready when the game is due to start, the team will automatically forfeit the match (block stage) or forfeit the first map (Bo3) unless the tournament referee decides otherwise.
1.9.3: If a team is missing players when a match is due to start, they must start the match without a full team or forfeit. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that all players are ready by the deadline.
1.9.4: The Tournament Officials reserve the right to amend these regulations if circumstances so require.
1.10: In extreme circumstances, the tournament organiser reserves the right to change the rules.

2. Rules of the game
2.1: Game mode: mr15
2.2: Total of 30 rounds, switching sides at halftime (after 15th round).
2.3: Start money: $800
2.4: Round time: 1 minute 55 seconds.
2.5: Freeze time: 15 seconds
2.6: C4-timer: 40 seconds
2.7. The first team to win 16 rounds in regulation time wins the match.
2.8: If the map ends in a draw, extra time is played
2.8.1: Teams continue on the same side as in normal time
2.8.2: The first team to win four rounds of extra time wins the match.
2.8.3: Game mode: mr3
2.8.4: Start money: $10 000
2.8.5: Overtime shall be extended in equal time with a new overtime period until the winner is decided.
2.9: Half is selected using a knife round.
2.10: A player may have up to 4 grenades, including
2.10.1: Flashbang, max 2
2.10.2: HE-grenade, max 1
2.10.3: Smoke grenade, max 1
2.10.4: Molotov/Incendiary, max 1
2.10.5: Decoy, max 1

3. Other rules
3.1: Scripts (excluding buy, toggle and demo scripts) are prohibited. If you are not sure whether your script is allowed, ask the referee before the match starts. The jump shot script is allowed.
3.2: External programs that affect the game state or perform in-game functions are prohibited.
3.3: Intentionally disconnecting in the middle of a game is prohibited.
3.4: It is prohibited to arm a bomb in such a way that it cannot be defused.
3.5: Arming a bomb with a boost is prohibited.
3.6: It is forbidden to discharge a bomb through an obstacle (e.g. a wall or a ceiling) without line of sight.
3.7: The use of bugs that change the principles of the game, such as the spawn bug, is prohibited.
3.8: Boosting is allowed otherwise, except when the game textures, walls, ceiling or floor become transparent or permeable.
3.9: Special rules for exploiting game mechanics.
3.9.1: Stopping a train on a de_overpass map is prohibited. The train can be stopped by throwing a decoy grenade on it, making it impossible for terrorists to throw grenades at the B-bomb site across the train track. Stopping the train will result in a reduction of three laps per team whenever the mechanics are exploited. For more information on the case, see http://www.hltv.org/n/15480

4. Tauot
4.1: The game is paused at the end of the round.
4.2: Pausing the game is only allowed for a tactical break (time-out) or due to a technical problem.
4.3: A tactical break can be used four times during the game, with a maximum of 60 seconds.
4.4: If a player has a technical problem, the game may be paused for a maximum of 10 minutes, after which the match will continue regardless of the player’s fitness.
4.5: If at least three players are affected by a technical failure of the server or network for at least 10 minutes, the jury will decide whether the match will continue.

5. Maps
5.1: Map set

6. Protests and penalties
6.1: All protests must be made within 10 minutes of the end of the match. Breaks during the game will not be used for protests. Cases will be dealt with by the referees after the match.
6.2: Once a protest has been made against a match, the teams concerned cannot continue in the tournament until the protest has been resolved.
6.3: Penalties
6.3.1: Warning, loss of round, loss of map, loss of match, disqualification of player or team, suspension of player or team.
6.3.2: Judges may use the penalties as they wish.
6.4: In online matches, the protesting team may request a maximum of three demos from the opposing team. The judge must be informed immediately of the request for demos.
6.4.1: Demos must be submitted to the captain of the protesting team within 15 minutes of the request for demos. Failure to meet the time limit will result in a penalty.
6.4.2: Once the demos have been submitted, the protesting team has 20 minutes to examine the demos and, if they wish to continue the protest, report to the referees the disputed situations and the exact lap times. A team can report a maximum of five different situations. Failure to meet the deadline means the protest lapses.

7. Fair play
7.1: The tournament will use fair play rules. Name-calling, racism and mocking religion are prohibited and will result in punishment. Deliberate provocation of an opponent is prohibited, under penalty of a warning.
7.2: Participants must address the judges in a polite and respectful manner.
7.3: If a participant deliberately tries to sabotage the games, other players or the tournament organisers, the player will be disqualified.

9. Broadcasts
9.1: The tournament organiser may decide who has the right to broadcast the event. Permission can be requested from the tournament organiser.
9.2: In online tournaments, there must be a minimum of 2 minutes delay in the broadcast, which can be implemented by GOTV or directly to the broadcast.
9.3: Players are allowed to post their own picture until the semi-finals of the final tournament.

10. Demot
10.1: In tournaments played via the Internet, all players must record a player’s game demo of all matches and submit it to the tournament official upon request.
10.1.1: While on the game server, type “record match1_opponent” into the console, for example “record match1_sixamogg”.
10.1.2: Recording ends when you leave the server. If you lose your connection to the server, be sure to start recording the demo again under a different name so that the demo you recorded earlier is not overwritten.
10.2: Failure to submit a demo of the entire game will result in the loss of the map. If a player is dropped from the game server, multiple demo submissions will be accepted, but each round played by the player must be recorded.