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Interested in working with an esports club? If your company’s goal is to get the attention of young people aged 16-34, you’ve come to the right place! Collaboration with our CSGO team and stream team provide visibility where traditional media cannot reach.

We are always interested in new partners who want to support us on our journey to the top. If you are interested in cooperating with KUUSAMO.gg, please contact us! We are happy to discuss opportunities and how we can both benefit from working together. Please contact info@kuusamo.gg.




Skinport lets you safely and easily buy CS:GO skins below the Steam market price and sell your own CS:GO skins for cash. You can withdraw the sales money directly to your bank account. You can also trade items from Dota 2, Rust and Team Fortress 2. Read more about Skinport here.

Register Here – 18+

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Maalaispysäkki Arola

Maalaispysäkki Arola offers experiences for you! Arola is a nature, environment and animal business in Kuusamo near Rukatunturi. Arola has a domestic animal farm, a charming summer café, a farm shop Puoji and a Silo. In the farm shops you will find authentic handmade products from Kuusamo, the surrounding areas and the farm’s own products. Larger groups can also visit the farm! In the domestic animal farm you can find alpacas, mini donkeys and mini pigs all year round.

More information here.

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Pohjolan kosteus- ja kuntokartoitus

Pohjolan kosteus- ja kuntokartoitus has inspected more than 450 sites over nine years. It is a good idea to have an impartial inspection carried out before signing a real estate contract. The main area of operation is Southern Finland and there is also a call centre for the whole of Finland.

More information here.


Are you interested in working with an esports club and the opportunities it brings? Send us a message and we will tailor a package to suit both parties!

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