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CSGO Elisa Open Suomi and Elisa Masters Espoo information

Elisa Open Suomi

Elisa Open Suomi is a Finnish CS league organised by Elisa Esports. 3. The season finale was played at the Elisa Masters Espoo ’22 event. HAVU Gaming beat ENCE Academy 2-0 in the final.

The first two seasons included a total of eight teams. Four got a place by direct invitation and the other four got in through qualification. For the third season, the number of teams was increased to 12 and the teams were divided into A and B groups after qualification. KUUSAMO.gg was one map short in the league qualifiers. For the fourth Elisa Open Suomi season, four invited teams(JANO, Conquer Gaming, ENCE Academy and Enhanced) were accepted. TMVG, Team Bob, glaani, EXEN Esports, MASTERCLASS and KUUSAMO.gg made it through the qualifiers.

The top three from each group will qualify for the play-offs, with the winner of each group also getting a direct place in the semi-finals. The finalists of the Elisa Open Suomi season will receive a direct invitation to the 2023 CS:GO Finnish championship tournament. This is also the only way to enter the eSM tournament.

Six teams were invited for the fifth season: HAVU Gaming, JANO, Visu, ENCE Academy, Enhanced, FcOttond. Of the two open qualifiers, EXEN Esports and Mastermix went through.

Elisa Masters Espoo ’22

The event was the first international arena event in Finland since the 2019 Arctic Invitational. 12 top international teams arrived to battle it out for the $200,000 prize pool. Among them were ENCE, BIG, MOUZ, Fnatic, Complexity, Astralis, HAVU, HEET, GamerLegion, SAW, 500 Esports. In addition, the winner of the tournament qualified for the play-in stage of the Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice 2023 tournament. The final of the tournament was between Fnatic and BIG, with the former winning 2-0.

Elisa Masters Espoo '22 tickets

CSGO Elisa Open Finland history


League Season Placement
Elisa Open Suomi 1. / 2. / 3. Qualifiers
Elisa Open Suomi 4. 7.-8.
Elisa Open Suomi 5. Qualifiers