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The KUUSAMO.gg CS:GO team has been renewed with the addition of Alec“Puteli” Koivanen, Tino“STINYG” Yli-Knuuttila, Juho“8Juho8” Kankaanpää, Elias“epik” Kyllönen and Juho“St0rme” Eronen! The team will continue to be coached by Jomi“Jomi” Alavesa.

Puteli is familiar to KUUSAMO.gg fans and the entire CS community, as he gave Aleksib a taste of knife in the first match of the Red Bull Flick Helsinki Invitational 2021, which eventually took him to the final. 8Juho8 also played in the same event but missed the group stage.

STINYG’s experience goes back many years, with a history that includes PixelFire Gaming and Crazy Coco Gaming. epik also has experience with Crazy Coco Gaming, Bluewhites and Cosmic Wolf. In addition, he has enjoyed success at LAN events such as Roots Gaming 2019, Saimaa Clutch 2019 and Midnight Sun Games 2021. St0rme has previously gained experience with Supersik and UNI Gaming, the latter of which played for ESEA Intermediate.

The team will participate in the upcoming ESEA Open season and the upcoming Prime League Finland season.


Alec “Puteli” Koivanen
Tino “STINYG” Yli-Knuuttila
Juho “8Juho8” Kankaanpää
Elias “epik” Kyllönen
Juho “St0rme” Eronen

Coach: Jomi “Jomi” Alavesa

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