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KUUSAMO.gg CS:GO team gets a fifth player as Samuel”s4mppa1” Säilä joins the team!

s4mppa1 is a familiar player to 8Juho8 from the Thaiperais team where they have played together for years, if not decades.

-We were on the search with a short timeline and not many players were tested. Fortunately, we quickly found a familiar gunner who can put the crosshairs on the enemy’s head, comments coach Jomi.

s4mppa1 will see action for the first time when the new ESEA season starts in August.

Alec“Puteli” Koivanen
Tino“STINYG” Yli-Knuuttila
Juho“8Juho8” Kankaanpää
Elias“epik” Kyllönen
Samuel“s4mppa1” Säilä

Coach: Jomi“Jomi” Alavesa

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