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The Fragleague Nordic Championship has invited KUUSAMO.gg CS:GO team to join the season 8. The league’s first group matches will be played during April and the last group match will be played on 8.5.2022. The CS:GO league includes Lemondogs, Conquer Gaming, Lilmix and Kappa Bar.

Fragleague is the largest esports league in the Nordic countries, with a prize pool of SEK 630,000, or around €60,000. The prize pool will be split between CS:GO and PUBG games. This season, every Fragleague Nordic Championship CS:GO match will be streamed live on Fragbite’s Twitch channel.


The Fragleague Nordic Championship league is divided into two starting groups with five teams playing in each group. Each group match will be played on a best-of-three basis, with the top three teams in each group advancing to the play-offs. 2nd and 3rd placed team will play against each other on quarter finals. The winners of the group, on the other hand, get a direct place in the semi-finals.

Group A
Conquer Gaming
Viikings Esports

Group B
Kappa Bar
ISO Esports
Made in Denmark

Fragleague Nordic Championship fixture list

Week 1.
6.4. Conquer Gaming – 123 Yatzy
7.4. Kappa Bar – ISO Esports
8.4. Marskalk – Viikings Esport
9.4. Lilmix – Made in Denmark
10.4. Lemondogs – Conquer Gaming

Week 2.
13.4. KUUSAMO.gg – ISO Esports
14.4. 123 Yatzy – Marskalk
15.4. Made in Denmark – Kappa Bar
16.4. Viikings Esport – Lemondogs
17.4. KUUSAMO.gg – Lilmix

Week 3.
20.4. Lemondogs – 123 Yatzy
21.4. ISO Esports – Made in Denmark
22.4. Conquer Gaming – Marskalk
23.4. Kappa Bar – KUUSAMO.gg
24.4. Viikings Esport – 123 Yatzy

Week 4.
4.5. ISO Esports – Lilmix
5.5. Marskalk – Lemondogs
6.5. KUUSAMO.gg – Made in Denmark
7.5. Conquer Gaming – Viikings Esport
8.5. Lilmix – Kappa Bar

All Fragleague Nordic Championship matches will be streamed on Fragbite’s Twitch channel, which you can follow live from this link. The match schedule is subject to change and will be announced on our social media channels if this happens.

Fragbite is the largest esports-focused website in Sweden. They have been organising tournaments and leagues since 2013. Today, the largest and most popular of these tournaments is the Fragleague Nordic Championship, which also includes the Fragleague national leagues from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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