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KUUSAMO.gg’s line-up will undergo a change after the ESEA season, as the team’s IGL Jake“eXtinctor” Virtanen moves to another team to take on new challenges.

KUUSAMO.gg thanks Jake for a short, but smart stint and wishes him good luck for future challenges! #NoBeef

Looking for a new IGL

The rest of the team will stay together and we are currently looking for a new team manager. The line-up will play in the upcoming ESEA Intermediate season in November and a league place will also be available in the upcoming Prime League Finland season.


  • At least 16 years old and have mastered the basics of team play
  • Mentally balanced (no inferiority complexes or other egotistical behaviour that destroys team spirit)
  • Motivation to develop yourself, study the game and work together as a team
  • At least 6/5 communication skills. Pillars of the mouth belong to another species
  • In addition to shooting skills, we expect a commitment to a long-term project

We offer

  • A good environment for self-development. including a coach and, if necessary, specialised training
  • Training camp 2-3 times a year
  • Entry fees to leagues, VIPs to the DM server of your choice, Faceit premium, training server and other benefits
  • Your face sometimes questionable content
  • Ongoing organisational support and transparent and open communication between the organisation and players
  • Contact/questions/applications can be made on Discord to VISIT KUUSAMO#1989, on Twitter VISIT KUUSAMO or by email to janne@kuusamo.gg.

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