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How do you feel about joining the KUUSAMO.gg CS:GO team?

Foili =DD: We are jumping in with good vibes and looking forward to it. There is potential in all players and now we are working out how to make it work as a team.

Can you describe what the job of a captain involves?

Foili =DD: The team leader is not an IGL (in-game leader) – the captain’s job is pretty much to keep the team together and be the backbone of the team, so to speak. Captain, together with the coach and IGL, will take care of the team’s affairs to get things in order/to the direction we want to go together. Schedule matches and tournaments, but also takes on a role within the game if situations start to go wrong. The captain could be imagined as the “responsible” one of the team.

Most of the team has been together for a while. What do you think the mood of the gang is at the moment?

Foili =DD: The general vibe in the gang has been great and the atmosphere helpful. The gang knows how to take it easy when needed and get excited at the right moments, and to encourage their teammates in situations such as clutches: if you win this one, I’ll buy you a kebab. After that, team members may start to raise the “pot”. I wanted to build the “core” of the team from players who are already as familiar with each other as possible, so that we can try to avoid some initial hesitation and get things rolling as quickly as possible.

Are you superstitious and if so what are the routines you have to do before the match starts?

Foili =DD: Not really, as long as you get some heat underneath. And of course a good gameplan, how you want to run this game, what you want to focus on, etc. but that’s more the responsibility of IGL.

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