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Tietoa meistä

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How do you feel when you step into the shoes of KUUSAMO.gg-CS:GO coach?

Makeberg: I feel really good, it’s great to coach a team that is genuinely motivated to improve! The players are really tough as individuals. The aim would be to get team play and communication to a high level as well. It’s going to take a lot of work, luckily these guys have the will to show what they can do.

Tell us about your background as a CS:GO player and coach?

Makeberg: I started playing games at a very young age. Of course, as a youngster, the understanding and development of the game was slow when you didn’t have the same platforms as today. I think my first contact was in primary school, while the first tournaments were prepared for at the age of 15. Since then I’ve been touring around Finland with varying degrees of success. I played in buddy teams for five years before I got to play in a more organised environment. In 2016-17 I played in 100K esports, then after a short break I continued playing in Turku Game Academy in 2017-18. I became a coach at the beginning of 2019. This week I am attending a coaching training course organised by SEUL, which I hope will give me more skills to coach this team.

About the team

Most of the team has been together for a while and some of the players are familiar to you from previous teams. What is the mood of the team at the moment and how have the practise matches gone so far?

Makeberg: I feel that the team is excited and ready to train. The training has gone well, but there is still a lot to do – we are just at the beginning. As the early days come to an end, you need to make sure that people really want to train and the methods are appealing to everyone. A drop in motivation for one player means a drop in motivation for the whole team.

What can we expect in the future? Let’s say by the end of the year.

Makeberg: It’s difficult to say what the exact targets are at this early stage. When all goes well I think winning BYOC tournaments is the least these guys can do! Sooner or later, I think I will also see the guys in a non-BYOC environment. Of course, we also hope for success in the Finnish leagues. There’s not a lot of preparation time which can be seen in the results, but the team learns quickly and that’s how we correct mistakes.

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