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Introducing CS:GO game modes

CS:GO game modes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers several game modes compared to previous CS versions. Not everyone always wants to play 5 v 5, but they want to have some casual action around Counter-Strike. These game formats are made for just that.

Traditional casual and traditional competitive

Traditional game formats are bomb or hostage scenarios. They offer different rules to suit the preferences of both the competitive and the casual player.

  • Bomb scenario: Terrorists will try to plant C4 explosives in bomb sites and counter-terrorists will have to defend the bomb site or defuse the bomb before it explodes.
  • Hostage scenario: Counter-terrorists have to rescue hostages and terrorists have to defend them. Terrorists and counter-terrorists can also win a round by eliminating all the opposing players.
  • Wingman: 2 vs 2 match in a smaller than normal bomb defusal map.
  • Premier: A version of a competitive match where players select an active service group via the map veto system.

War games

These game modes are not linked to other CS:GO game modes.

  • Demolition: A fast-paced bomb demolition game with elements of weapon progression.
  • Arms Race: A regenerating deathmatch where the player must progress using every weapon in the game.
  • Flying Scoutsman: Gravity has been reduced and all players carry SSG 08 rifles with full accuracy.
  • Retakes: A fast-paced game where three terrorists plant a bomb and four counter-terrorists try to defuse it.


These game modes are only available during CS:GO operations.

  • Guardian: Two players have to defend an area where bots make five-player attack waves.
  • Co-op strike: 2 players fight against AI-led terrorist forces in a storyline scenario.

Other forms of play

  • Deathmatch: A team- or individual-based game format where a player is reborn. A good way to warm up before a competitive match.
  • Danger Zone: A fast-paced Battle Royale-style game format where players fight against each other to stay alive the longest.
  • Bots: in addition, CS:GO offers offline play with bots, which provides the same gameplay with AI-controlled bots.

CS:GO game modes will bring a fresh twist to the limited game modes created by previous versions and the community.

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