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Presentation of the Best Workshops

CS:GO Workshops

What are CS:GO Workshops? Throughout the history of Counter-Strike, the community has always created different game modes and maps for the CS game series. CS:GO Workshop makes room for content creators to create a variety of skins, stickers, music packs, training modes and maps. In this guide we list workshops to change the look of your game and improve your training.


The Map Workshops were released in 2013 at the same time as the Assault map received an update. Map designers can upload their own creations to Steam, which users can vote on, comment on, add to favourites and subscribe to. When a player subscribes to a map, the game automatically downloads it. Once you open the game, click on“Play CS:GO” in the top left corner and then click on“Workshops” in the drop-down menu.

Valve decided to add some maps to CS:GO operations as the number and quality of maps increased. Pass holders were the first in the world to try out the maps.


In the same way as the Map Workshops, users could create and upload their own skins, stickers and music collections directly to the Workshop. While players can vote, comment and add items to favourites, they cannot be subscribed to and download like maps.

At random intervals, Valve will add popular items to the game, which can be obtained by as a drop, from a lootbox or even bought directly from the shop.

Best CS:GO Workshops

We listed down the most useful CS:GO Workshops related to gameplay and appearance. The FPS test is worth doing if you want to improve performance. It will help you understand whether a setting you changed has increased or decreased the average FPS in the game if you have changed the settings of your graphics card or CS:GO.

Customizing CS:GO Hud – Hud generator by Distroir – Subscribe here
CS:GO viewmodel editing – crashz’ Viewmodel Generator – Subscribe Here
CS:GO Crosshair Generator – crashz’ Crosshair Generator v3 – Subscribe here
CS:GO FPS test – FPS Benchmark – Subscribe here

CS:GO Training Workshops

CS:GO Weapon Recoil Training – Recoil Master, Spray Training – Subscribe here
CS:GO Bot Shooting Training – Aim Bot, Training – Subscribe Here
Learn how to smoke and pre-fire corners on CS:GO maps – Subscribe here

CS:GO guides