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Who is Myggis?

Name: Tuukka Mykkänen
Date of birth: 09.04.2004
Location: Kuopio, Finland

Tuukka“Myggis” Mykkänens role is a rifler. Myggis already played at KUUSAMO.gg during 2021 for 7 months. After that, he has gained experience in AHJO, Enhanced and YMCA Esports.

Game settings

Mouse sensitivity (Windows): 6/11 @ 400 dpi
Mouse sensitivity (in game): 0.88 @ 800 dpi
Resolution: 1280×960
Crosshair: CSGO-eYPw4-mU9AJ-qhPxZ-C6LiD-V2NQC

12 questions for Myggis

Favourite map?Train, but from the current map pool Vertigo/Inferno
Favourite skins? Butterfly Marble Fade.
When did you start playing CS? 2017.
What was your childhood dream job? Play floorball in a league.
Where does the nickname come from? From my brother.
Who do you trust most in the team? Puteli.
What is your most memorable CS moment so far? Getting an HLTV profile.
What is the one thing people don’t know about you? I think I’ve sometimes microwaved cereals with milk in it.
Who do you think is the biggest mama’s boy in the gang? epik.
Who is your favourite player? I don’t really have, but I guess if you have to choose, sjuush.
What motivates you when everything goes downhill? That there are lessons to be learned.
Your tip for future young guns? If you dream of something, never give up on it, because dreams can be made real.

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